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How to Bring Back Schoolchildren’s Normal Sleep-Wake Cycle

Sleep is one of the essential factors that keep one’s health at peak. When we sleep, our body tends to repair damaged tissues, and some hormones work to boost our immune system. Indeed, there are lots to gain when you have an adequate sleep. However, due to different external factors, it seems very hard for schoolchildren to bring back their regular bedtime routine. 

Since the summer vacation is about to end, famous pediatric nurse Elaine Cudnik, APRN provides these tips intending to help your children develop a normal sleeping cycle.

3 Tips to Bring Your Child to Bed on Time

  • No Gadgets, No Electronics.
    One of the prevalent reasons why a lot of people today find it hard to sleep on time is the irresponsible use of electronic gadgets. The use of cellphones, laptops, personal computers, and T.V. must be regulated during the night. Tell your children not to use these devices at least one hour before heading to bed. Even charging these gadgets inside the bedroom must not be allowed since the LED light coming from these devices are known to disrupt the normal sleep-wake cycle.
  • Build a Sleeping Haven.
    If you really want to establish a regular sleeping routine, then you must be ready to invest. You need to convert your child’s bedroom into a ‘sleeping haven’ wherein he or she could always think of sleeping on time. Install a new aircon and clad the bed with the most smooth and comfortable mattress. Always keep in mind the word ‘comfort’ and your children’s sleeping habit will bring back to its normal state.
  • No Caffeine.
    Don’t allow your child to drink coffee or carbonated drinks at night if you want them to sleep on time. Caffeine is one of the chemicals that keep your nervous system active; thus, it will really not help in putting your child to bed on time.

These are some of the techniques you can use to keep your children go to bed at the right time. Just follow these tips religiously and expect an ‘A+’ grade from your child soon.

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